WMS Now! - Simple and Affordable Inventory Tracking

WMS Now provides you with an on-line inventory solution as a service.  All you need is a browser and an Internet connection.  We install, operate, monitor, and maintain all of the infrastructure, so you don't to focus on anything but your business.

WMS Now Key Features:

  • Resource Management:
    • Account Management (Customer Management, Supplier Management, Facility Management, etc.)
    • Item Management (Products, Services, Changes, Bill-of-Materials, Kits, etc.)
    • Contact Management (Internal and External Contacts)
  • Inventory/Asset Management
    • Inventory Movement, Adjustment, and Substitution
    • Inventory Tracking allows Single or Multi-Warehouse/Location, Single Owner or Multi-Owner, with or without Costs
    • Inventory Auditing including QuickCount, Cycle Count, and Physical Inventory capabilities and detailed transaction history.
    • Inventory Planning from Min/Max up to advanced inventory usage analysis, including daily and on-demand recommendations and automated ordering.
  • Order Management and Order Fulfillment
    • Order Creation, Request, Approval, Tracking, History of any order type (Purchase Order, Transfer Order, Sales Order, etc.).
    • Order Receiving, Put-Away, Picking, Shipping, etc.
    • Order Acknowledgement/Notification at any step in the order/order fulfillment process.
  • Common features throughout WMS Now
    • Lookup Ability to quickly find and access any information
    • Reporting (Standard & Ad-Hoc)
    • History and Usage tracking for ALL activities.
    • Multi-Level Security to protect access to your information.
    • Hosting options from shared to dedicated.
  • And Much, Much More.

WMS Now can also provide you with professional services to facilitate your your use of the WMS Now service.

  • Process Design 
  • Project Management
  • Training
  • Procedure Documentation
  • etc.

Please contact us to see how we can help meet your immediate needs.