WMS Now! - Simple and Affordable Inventory Tracking

Why don't you include all the features in the base?

  • We are focused on making the system as simple and affordable to use as possible while delivering what you need.  Since most companies don't need all the features, including them in the base product would increase your training time/cost and our support and product cost.  Therefore, we've included the most common features in the base, and broken-out the "add-on" features based on our customer's typical usage.

How secure is my data?

  • Very.  All of your data is isolated from other customers.  ...triple-layer security... etc.

Why WMSNow.com?

  • WMSNow.com is the ideal solution if you are looking for a simple inventory tracking tool.  We're not focused on warehouse automation, complex equipment integration, or trying to up-sell consulting services.  We just want to provide you with a system that allows you to manage your inventory the way you want to.

How can you offer this for so much less then anyone else?

  • Simple, we are doing all that we can to keep WMSNow.com as easy to deploy and use that we can keep our costs down.  The lower our cost, the lower your cost.

What if I need a feature you don't have?

  • should we say go to ONEWARE?  or, do we completely isolate WMSNow.com for now and stick with the ultra-simple 37-signals approach. 

Can I pre-pay with a check instead of using a credit card every month?

  • Yes, there are several ways you can pay.  See...