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WMS Now is "all about" Simple and Affordable Inventory Tracking that you can get stared with immediately.  We offer a solution that lets you choose just what you need... from simple Inventory Tracking to a complete Multi-Warehouse WMS.  To get started, simply click the "Free Trial" anywhere in this site, answer a couple of questions, and we'll get your on-line inventory system setup quickly.  

What WMS Now lets you Do?

  • Securely share accurate and up to date Inventory or Asset information within your organization or between you and your partners (customers, suppliers, etc.).
  • Track Inventory in one or more facilities (Warehouses, Stock Rooms, Tool Cribs, Supply Cabinets, etc.), for one or more owners (inventory you own, inventory owned by your suppliers, inventory owned by your customers).
  • Create Orders (Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, and more), Receive the Order, Pick Orders, Ship Orders, and Track ALL the details.
  • Automated Inventory Reorder/Replenishment Suggestions and Order Generation based on simple min/max up to advanced inventory usage analysis.
  • Manage Product and Service Information including Item Master info such as Descriptions, suppliers, owners, costing/pricing, unit of measure, and much more.
  • Manage Partner Information.  Allows Supplier, Customer, etc. data management including: Names, Addresses, Phone/Fax numbers, E-Mail and Web Sites, Order Histories, Contacts, and much more. 
  • Report on all aspects of your Inventory, Account, Item, and Transaction information using pre-defined reports or with our Ad-Hoc reporting capabilities.
  • Securely grant or deny access to any data, allowing only the right users the ability to see particular types of information, and others the ability to modify it.
  • Operate WMS Now as a stand-alone solution or integrate it to other systems.


Key Features:

  • Resource Management:
    • Account Management (Customer Management, Supplier Management, Facility Management, etc.)
    • Item Management (Products, Services, Changes, Bill-of-Materials, Kits, etc.)
    • Contact Management (Internal and External Contacts)
  • Inventory/Asset Management
    • Inventory Movement, Adjustment, and Substitution
    • Inventory Tracking allows Single or Multi-Warehouse/Location, Single Owner or Multi-Owner, with or without Costs
    • Inventory Auditing including QuickCount, Cycle Count, and Physical Inventory capabilities and detailed transaction history.
    • Inventory Planning from Min/Max up to advanced inventory usage analysis, including daily and on-demand recommendations and automated ordering.
  • Order Management and Order Fulfillment
    • Order Creation, Request, Approval, Tracking, History of any order type (Purchase Order, Transfer Order, Sales Order, etc.).
    • Order Receiving, Put-Away, Picking, Shipping, etc.
    • Order Acknowledgement/Notification at any step in the order/order fulfillment process.
  • Common features throughout WMS Now
    • Lookup Ability to quickly find and access any information
    • Reporting (Standard & Ad-Hoc)
    • History and Usage tracking for ALL activities.
    • Multi-Level Security to protect access to your information.
    • Hosting options from shared to dedicated.
  • And Much, Much More.